UZIMAG #2 Björn Olsson

A unique, exclusive documentary about the “Ennio Morricone” of Sweden.


Featuring Swedish music producer and living legend Björn Olsson - founder of Union Carbide Productions and Sountrack of Our Lives - as seen through the eye of filmmaker Marcel Tuores. The content is divided into three parts: Bohuslän, a freestyle documentary shot in the wild west of Sweden. The second part is called CIRCVM - four ethereal music videos shot in vintage super-8, on the oceans of the world. The third part is NYC, dated 1999, a portrait of the big city and leads up to a magic concert in Manhattan. Never before published music, rare demo tracks, limited edition! This is (to our knowledge), the first and only documentary made about Björn.

2008 / 62 min / PAL / Region free.
Funded with support from Framtidens Kultur.
© Björn Olsson & Marcel Tuores